The printed edition of the current AIT magazine is now available. The magazine features our project for Relaxound.

'The World in my Hand' exhibition is one of AD's cultural highlights in May

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'The World in my Hand' exhibition in Trendhunter

'Ester Bruzkus Architekten presents an innovative exhibition design for 'The World in My Hand' at the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Gallery in Munich.'

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EBA designed the exhibit "The world in My Hands" at the Alexander Tutsek Stiftung Gallery in Munich which had an opening party last night. The idea for the exhibition design was to transform the unitary white box into a series of "rooms," aligned along their centers, recalling the origins of public art display in old palaces. EBA also transformed the material experience of the gallery space. Instead of the de-materialized white box which aspires to become a neutral background, a material reality was proposed that heightens one's awareness of the ways architecture mediates our experience of space and the perception of the art object itself.

Relaxound in Baunetz id

"With an interior designed by Ester Bruzkus Architekten, the Berlin company Relaxound is moving from the home office back to the office. The team takes one thing with them above all else: the comfort of their own living room."

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Relaxound was selected for Callwey's Best Workspaces 2024 Short List, the book with all selected projects is out now.

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We warmly invite you to visit the exhibition "The World in my Hand" at the Blackbox of the Alexander Tutsek Foundation in Munich starting from April 19. We were responsible for the design of the exhibition where contemporary artists present works that use the ubiquitous smartphone as a point of contemplation and debate.

Our design introduces three geometric figures made out of translucent fabric on slightly visible frames. Our intervention transforms the neutral white box of the gallery into an enfilade of spaces that connects the individual chapters of the exhibition with the art objects.