French brunch today in the office - Happy Birthday Barbara!

Happy Birthday Katja - Thank you for your delicious homemade Okroshka!

C1 topping out ceremony!

Ester and Peter have been asked to be part of the exhibition “Das Haus im Buch” [Houses in Books”] at the Nidus Kosmos Galllery in Dusseldorf, May 27-July 29, 2023. The curators asked 100 people from architecture, design, and culture to lend their favorite book on architecture to this exhibition, asking: what is the impact of this book, why do you keep reaching for it, what connection do you have with it, what does it remind you of or where does it take you personally?

Team dinner with 'Grüne Soße' - Happy Birthday Sina!

Photo Day at Relaxound!

C1 topping out ceremony - we are so happy to be part of this unique office building!