Settler’s Houses, Pardess Hanna, (now Israel), 1933-36. Rosenthal went into exile in Palestine and he built several modernist houses in the settlement of Pardess Hanna, south of Haifa. He brought all the skill of an architect and interior designer working at the top of his game - but he was dissatisfied with the conditions he found and emigrated to Britain. In exile from temperate Germany, Rosenthal had to address a climate that allowed a play of inside and out - and his plans shows the importance of cross ventilation in this new climate. His budgets were very low and his clients had different needs than did his Berlin clientele. In exile, Rosenthal’s houses are plastic plays of solids and voids, insides and outs, influenced especially by his Berlin-based peers Erich Mendelsohn and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.